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Flying Cutoff Systems

TRU-MOTION can satisfy your need for an Accelerator System with your new Flying Cutoff purchase, or retrofit an Accelerator System to your existing installation.  TRU-MOTION accelerators use AC inverter duty servo motors and translate their rotary motion to linear motion through a rack and pinion.  Systems are available for dieset or carriage weights of up to 7000 lbs. and speeds up to 750 fpm.

Accelerator Systems

Modular “M” Series
Unique, patented modular frames that allow subsequent (post installation) changes in cutting angle, dieset size and cutting stroke.  This provides the user the ability to change configurations to match unexpected changes in production requirements, and to adapt the machine to changes or advances in dieset technology.

Model range capacity includes sizes for tubes up to 5” diameter and speed ranges up to 750 fpm. TRU-MOTION Flying Shear Tube Cutoff Systems can be used with the customer’s existing single or double blade diesets or TRU-MOTION can provide diesets with TRU-MOTION’s latest technology.

MK” Series
Traditional one-piece frames for dedicated dieset size and cutting angle.  These machines are an excellent value when the users' production requirements can be clearly defined.  Machines can be provided with vertical cutting path, 45 degree cutting path, or any other angle specified by the customer.

TRU-MOTION Flying Shear Tube Cutoff Systems are manufactured to

the customer's specifications and are available in two configurations.