TRU-MOTION's "ES" Recut System uses a unique, patented elliptical motion to power shearing rings around the circumference of the tube, cutting the tube with a "rolling shear."  This rolling shear produces an extraordinary cut end as shown in the photograph of sample cuts above.  In addition, because there is not material loss, the cut is "CHIP FREE" and the need for  washing or blowout of the tube is eliminated.

Easy Access For Rapid Tooling Change Over

TRU-MOTION "ES" Shear Recut Systems

Samples produced on the TRU-MOTION Recut System.

Sizes shown range from

1.750" x .170" wall to

4.730" x .045" wall.

Materials range from

​400 series ferritic stainless steel,

300 series austenitic stainless steel,

hard copper,

carbon steel, and

​alloy steel.

Automatic Scrap Separating Exit Conveyor

AC Servo Controlled CNC Feed System

Bundle Unscrambler & Tube Loader

Fully Programmable

Operator Controls

High-speed High-accuracy Tube Positioner

Though, high-strength materials are easliy sheared, and high volumes of tube can be sheared between tool sharpenings.

Many subsequent fabrication steps accept the end as cut, with no further end conditioning required.  This, combined with production rates of up to 5,000 cuts/hour, easy operator set-up and fully automatic CNC length control, makes TRU-MOTION Recut Systems ideal for high volume tube producers and fabricators.


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